While you wait...

...for my story to come out.

I recommend the stories of my friend Delilah Devlin, in particular her latest Lockdown, and one that's coming out soon and which she allowed her blog readers and loop subscribers to sample: Darkness Burning.

She's already getting rave reviews. Check out this one, at Alien Places, the blog of author Masha Holl, who seems to share at least some of my tastes.

Me, I can't wait to read Lockdown. I've had to make a tremendous effort of will not to pounce on it just yet, but I have work to do. And I know what will happen as soon as I have one of Delilah's stories in my hands: it's off to fantasy lands.

Not that it's bad, but I use it as the carrot to make myself work.

I'd much rather curl up with a good read and some chocolate.


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