Well, hello there!

Pardon my state of disarray... I wasn't really expecting any visitors yet. As you can see, I'm still moving in. I'm not even sure the painters are done working on my cyber-guesthouse, and my decorator certainly hasn't finished hanging up the pictures. At least I found my pearls.

But I already met some friends, and I'm hoping the cleaning service will show up soon so I can host a tea party, or maybe have some drinks with a fellow writer or two. The Goddess Fish came knocking on my door with a promise of soirees and other entertainment.

In the meantime, come into the main house: ViolettaCaprice.com, and stop by the Gallery of Fine Art. My favorite artists at Otter Creations brought me this welcome gift, and inspired me to keep looking for more, um... guests for my gallery. The hero of my upcoming novella won't sit still long enough for a portrait, so it's taking longer than I thought, but maybe someone else will have the patience to pose for my pleasure.

Don't be a stranger! Stop by again to see how I'm doing here!


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