I've been Seriously Reviewed!

Right here: Spring Rites Seriously Reviewed

Ahh, it's so nice to be appreciated!

What a good evening this makes! A good chat with a friend, a good drink to end the day, and marvelous news: there's at least one reader out there who enjoyed my story!

If you don't know yet how narcissistic we writers can be, let me just tell you: although most of us would die rather than stand up in front of any kind of audience, we live for recognition, just like every actor on stage!

Thank you dear reviewer for your kind words: "the imagination and concept of the story was brilliant."

I may have more to tell about the planet Komentaron, but I'm not the swiftest of writers, and so I beg of you, arm yourselves with patience. Especially in years like this one, when my cousin needs my help and all the bad luck seems to be hitting her at once!


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